why choose gravi


1. We are a local company, established in the area for over 18 years, with more than a decade of experience working in High End Projects such as Palmilla– Villas del Mar, Esperanza and Las Ventanas Resort.
2. We understand the logistics and problems inherent of Los Cabos geographical location.
3. We have immediate access to all the required workforce who is already living in the area, in order to secure the accomplishment of this project.
4. We know the real cost of construction in the area.


5. We have the ability and capacity to react rapidly to changes that arise when a project is not totally defined from the beginning
6. Our projects have always been completed in time and within budget.
7. We are a company that is committed 100% to deliver quality, which is reflected by our professional work.
8. We save time and resources by not relocating personnel.
9. We know all subcontractors available in the area, which we select by tracking their records and results.
10. We have total support from the bonding companies, who know us and our results.


11. We have all the required administrative and supervisory systems, procedures, personnel with proven experience in other similar projects and unparalleled knowledge in the area.
12. We have the knowledge of the construction systems and materials that will be used in your project.


13. Our General Director and Owner lives fulltime in the area, therefore he is able to immediately direct and solve any situation rapidly.
14. We are a world class company that fully understands the quality that your project requires.
15. We have strong relations with the local authorities who support us in any problem that may rise.