what we do... building with a vision

As a result of our professional background and recognition as a leading construction company, we have been able to establish strategic alliances with diverse entities related to the construction industry allowing us to offer a better service. The reputation that we have earned throughout the many years of effort and commitment has allowed us to work from the conception to the completion and delivery of projects of relevance, not only locally but at an international level. Our on site work has always reflected the profile and production capacity of the company. GRAVI has professionalized and systematized its construction methods under stringent supervision, security, quality and schedule norms. In all our construction projects, we make the most of the planning, coordination and design efforts of our specialists, so that in a comprehensive way, we are able to excel in our performance. The end result of our work by meeting all the expectations of our clients, has positioned us in an exclusive niche market. What we do… building with a vision G R A V I Some of the projects in which we have participated, to name just a few of the most outstanding ones, are “La Jolla” Hotel and Villas Resort, “Ventanas al Paraiso” Hotel Resort, Palmilla “Villas del Mar” Residential Area, “Esperanza an Auberge Resort”, “Hacienda” Tourist Retreat and “Paraiso del Mar” Tourist Development One of Gravi’s main competitive advantages is its recognized capacity to promote, develop, execute and manage any type of infrastructure or service, both nationally and internationally. Our clients are our best reference since as a result of our high construction quality, they have become our best promoters in the commercialization of our products and services. Although our background in the Architectural field defined the scope of our professional activity, through the development of diverse projects our vision as a building firm has been complemented and enriched to define us now more as a service company. This mission has consolidated our eminently creative and pragmatic character, to consolidate us as a company which principal product is not only the creativity, which links us to art, but in addition the creation of practical, efficient and adequate solutions to the particular context of each project. The permanent search for the ultimate satisfaction of our clients has required the ability to form a human team with great management capacity, open to collaborating with other companies that will allow us to provide the services that our clients demand at all times and the existence of a solid financial structure that will not limit the possibility of growth and expansion.