Team work

Due to our recognition as a leading construction firm, we have established strategic alliances with the diverse authorities related to the area of the construction that allow us to provide better service and efficiency. Likewise, our team of interdisciplinary workers, formed from experts in all aspects of development, possesses creative and visionary solutions for our clients' projects.

The continual efforts to satisfy our clients has demanded the skill of uniting a human team with great capacity of management, opened to collaboration with other companies that allow to provide the service that the client demands in every moment, and a financial structure that does not limit the expansion and growth possibilities.

Overcoming and Love to the Work

GRAVI's prestige and the recognition have been acquired over years of effort and commitment and have allowed us to work from the creation to delivery of exclusive projects, locally but worldwide.

In all our constructions our specialists combine planning, coordination and design in order that allows us to develop our projects in a way that satisfies our clients' every need. The result of our work and project delivery has established GRAVI within a market of exclusive projects.

Commitment and Quality

Our work reflects GRAVI production level and capacity with constructive processes under safety supervision, assurance of quality, and time efficiency. Some of our most important projects are Hotel and Villas Resort " La Jolla ", Hotel "Ventanas al Paraiso", Residences Palmilla "Villas del Mar" and Hotel " Esperanza Resort " among others.


One of GRAVI's principal competitive advantages is its aptitude to promote, develop, execute and manage any type of infrastructure and service, in Mexico and internationally.


All our clients are the best reference. Due to our quality in construction, they are the most important reference for GRAVI's showcase of customer satisfaction.


Though our formation inside the architecture delineated our professional activity, is the development of diverse projects that our builder�s vision has prospered and complemented to define ourselves as a company of quality services.

This has consolidated our eminently creative and pragmatic character, to consolidate ourselves as a company which principal project is not only the creativity, same that links us with the art, even more our principal goal is the creation of practical, efficient and adapted solutions to the particular context of every project.


GRAVI is made of professionals in the �cute of the construction and support areas like executives, engineers, architects and administrative with the most experience.


With the operative experience that we have achieved we understand the importance to rely on a logical and efficient structure. This is why our daily work (labor) it is adjusts to methodologies and processes that allow the technical and administrative effort to be translated (converted) in a clear organizational synergy.


In this company, all the personnel, without distinction of hierarchy or importance, we constitute a family which daily effort is to construct the dreams of other families and those of our clients.


The union is the distinction and inside force, that makes us invincible in the world of business; and our talent is the guide that take us for unsuspected (Unimaginable) ways.


The works and architectural projects; being the best in all the aspects; and our stamp of guarantee is the excellence and total quality of our works.

We daily contribute all together to the consolidation and economic development of our company, working with efficiency, since our sustenance and growth comes out of this company.


We all try to handle, to be careful and to foment an environment of healthy work, based on the friendship and the familiarity: where a climate of cooperation prevails and where creativity, good ideas and constructive suggestions are fomented.

We look for (seek) to offer and to assure our clients, that they are our fundamental reason of producing, an investment with high quality and architectural comfort of excellent category.

We walk towards the future with faith and firm step, in pos of our star, sharing our dreams with the world ... " the dreams of a family. "