Named Company # 331 in the ranking of THE 500 MOST IMPORTANT COMPANIES IN MEXICO in 2008 by Expansion magazine. (Advancing from # 345 in ranking of 2007).

*Occupying the 10th. place within the construction sector Named Construction company # 25 in the ranking of THE 100 MORE IMPORTANT CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES IN MEXICO in 2008 by the magazine OBRAS (Advancing from # 30 in ranking of 2007).

* Occupying the 17th place in Absolute Sales and Operating Income, the 15th place in Net Margin and the 9th of Highest number of employees of the 100 builders in the ranking.

*According to Main Activity:
2nd place in Building Finishes.
2nd place in in Division of Land and Building Construction Works.
5th place in works of generation and conduction of Electric Power.
6th place in Commercial Buildings, Offices and Services.
7th place in Treatment Works and Water Distribution, Drainage and Irrigation.
9th place in Affordable Housing and Social Interest.
10th place in Media and Residential Housing.
1st place to Monte Real Residencial by Índice de Calidad de Vivienda (ICAVI) as the Best Residential
Complex, where Constructora Grand Vision carried out the entire project execution.