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Casa Tide


The architectural project consists of 3 levels; Basement, ground floor and upper floor. The building is placed in a 30921.70 sq. Ft. lot from which 22834.88 sq. Ft. corresponds to built-up area and 16695.14 sq. Ft to exteriors. The basement is mainly composed of reinforced concrete structure which houses equipment for pool, hydraulic system, air conditioning, boilers, filtration, lighting, elevator and warehouse areas among others. The ground floor consists of reinforced concrete structural walls and masonry walls supporting reinforced concrete slabs and grid slabs, as well as metal columns and reinforced concrete columns. The facade system mainly consists of prefabricated panels and stone materials. This story contains public areas such as bedrooms, gardens, garage, terraces and pool, among others. There are private areas such as bedrooms and offices. And considers service areas like warehouses and staff. The upper floor uses a similar construction system of reinforced concrete and masonry walls with the exception of roof slabs that consists of metal structures and steel deck. This story contains public and private areas such as rooms, living and terraces.


In Process


La Ribera, B.C.S.