GRAVI Constructora is a company legally constituted in conformity with the Mexican laws with its establishment 1989 with a team already experienced in all major branches of construction services.

Our executive leadership handles and coordinates project teams, an indispensable skill that leads projects of great magnitude with the responsibility and oversight of qualified personel.

GRAVI uses the most advanced techniques in the execution of its works, selectively incorporating the most adaptable technology in every occasion. This affirmation has its base in a careful and systematic selection of person capable of organizing and directing control of work efforts and construction procedures with only personel with the most experience in construction.

We are experts in the construction of tourist developments, residential zones and housing of the highest level. In addition to GRAVI's construction abilities, we possess dedicated design, architecturing, urbanization, and real estate services.

Over the years GRAVI has become a regionally recognized name and continues to establish itself as a firm leader known for providing the best services and qaulity development. Focused upon the Los Cabos area of Baja California Sur, GRAVI represents the number one construction firm in the area and possesses the largest commercial and tourist investment developments of the area.